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With our curated selection of medical-grade skincare products and with in-office treatments such as micro-penning, chemical peels, dermaplaning and our extensive menu of facials, our team of skin experts will help you transform your skin, leaving it the healthiest it can be.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or an injury, or if you’re simply interested in optimizing your body's own restorative power, this is the place for you.


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Cultivating Beauty, Inside & Out

Over the last 10+ years as plastic surgeons, we’ve reversed the effects of facial aging for thousands of patients. But for many people, surgery isn’t the only – or the best – solution. To provide complete, personalized care for everyone, we expanded our med spa and skincare services, and added healing and wellness treatments as well.

Our aesthetic team helps patients delay or avoid the effects of aging – and the need for dramatic interventions – all ltogether. Our healing and wellness services support clients to feel and BE as healthy and great as they look!


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Premium Curated Selection

It’s a dream come true to provide every aspect of aesthetic care, from skincare at The IO Clinic to world-class facial surgery via L&P Aesthetics, performed in our private surgery center, as well as other life-enriching, rejuvenating wellness treatments…all under one roof in Palo Alto.

We strive to deliver optimal results in everything we offer: personalized “end-to-end” aesthetic care, wellness treatments, and a luxurious experience that’s unmatched in the Bay Area. We look forward to seeing you!

your skin, your plan

Everyone is different, and your age and skin type aren’t the only factors in determining the most effective skincare strategy for you. To get the best results from your treatments and products, your plan doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be customized!

Skin Evaluation appointments at The IO Clinic provide the opportunity to get intensive, one-to-one attention from a licensed aesthetician. They can create a comprehensive plan just for you, based on your skin, goals, and lifestyle.

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3d render of fashion beauty shop