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With our curated selection of medical-grade skincare products and with in-office treatments such as micro-penning, chemical peels, dermaplaning and our extensive menu of facials, our team of skin experts will help you transform your skin, leaving it the healthiest it can be.

Skin & Facials Offered

Skin Evaluation: An in-depth consultation with a licensed aesthetician that includes a VISIA imaging scan and analysis. Our expert will develop a targeted treatment plan and a personalized product regimen for your skin’s specific needs.

The O2 Facial: Hydrates and illuminates. Best for dry and/or aging skin. Includes: Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Extractions (if needed), Mask, Oxygen Therapy, and Customized Finishing Products.

O2 Dermaplane Facial: Hydrates, illuminates, and retexturizes the skin. Dermaplaning enhances physical exfoliation and removes facial hair for an exceptionally smooth, refined finish. Best for dry, aging skin. Includes: Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Extractions, Mask, Dermaplane, Oxygen Therapy, and Customized Finishing Products.

DiamondGlow Facial: DiamondGlow® by SkinMedica® gently exfoliates, extracts debris from pores, and leaves skin visibly renewed in under 30 minutes. Includes application of Pro-Infusion Serums that are tailored to your skin, for instant results.

Signature DiamondGlow Facial: DiamondGlow by SkinMedica gently exfoliates, extracts debris from pores, and leaves skin visibly renewed. Targeting the face and neck, it includes Pro-Infusion Serums that are tailored to your skin. Also includes Double Cleanse, Extractions, Mask, Light Massage and Customized Finishing Products, for a luxurious, relaxing experience.

Luxe DiamondGlow Facial: When you have time for more than a “glow-up” and want a true “IO Skin Transformation,” this is the treatment for you. Targets your face and neck with a deep Double Cleanse, Extractions, and Mask to brighten your skin. A balancing Massage of the scalp and face, an anti-aging LED Light Treatment and Customized Finishing Products leave your skin renewed and your spirit refreshed.

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the best of peels, facials and lifts.

Chemical Peel: Exfoliates the skin to help reduce the appearance of acne, scarring, wrinkles, and sun damage. Based on your skin concerns, your provider will recommend the appropriate peel during your consultation.

Buccal Sculpting Facial: Focusing on the intraoral technique – massaging from the outside and inside of the cheeks – this unique and luxurious sculpting massage lifts, tones and plumps your skin while relieving tension in the facial muscles for deep relaxation. Includes Deep Cleanse and Customized Finishing Products.

Foundation Facial: A highly soothing IO facial adapted for teens going through changes that affect skin appearance. Deep-cleans pores and calms redness and breakouts. Includes Double Cleanse, Extractions, Mask, Steam and a light Resurfacer.

Micro-Penning Facial: Micro-Penning safely creates microscopic channels that stimulate the skin to produce new collagen and elastin. It also boosts the penetration of skincare products for greater effectiveness. The elasticity and texture of your skin will improve as it heals, for a lasting increase in youthful firmness and radiance.

The IO Lift & Glow: Experience the breakthrough results of Radio Frequency treatment – the secret ritual of celebrities before major events. RF energy penetrates skin to deliver an immediate lifting and contouring effect, with no downtime. During this relaxing facial, skin is infused and oxygenated for a fresh, perfected look that looks incredible in photos. It’s the ideal prep for your own special occasion, for the “Gala Glow!”

What to Expect During a Procedure

As facial plastic surgeons and experts in the anatomy of the face, we built L&P Aesthetics to offer our patients the full range of aesthetic treatments, from facials to facelifts. Our goal is to deliver optimal results, and we’re continually improving the methods by which we deliver them…which led us to create The IO Clinic.

Addressing issues you can see is important, but the “new frontier” of aesthetics is to optimize the aging process at a earlier stage, and at a much deeper level. The space of The IO Clinic allows us to expand our practice to include these innovations.

why choose the io clinic?

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you, guiding you on the journey to change your look and your life…far beyond the surface! We focus on personalized programs of care for optimal results, in an environment of unmatched luxury and comfort.

At The IO Clinic, we offer the best in skincare, alongside an ever-expanding range of medically sound, evidence-based wellness treatments to help you become your “Optimal Self” – both inside and out.

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Recovery and Beyond

We provide the curated products and personalized skincare services for a broad range of people, from young adults establishing their self-care habits to intensive, supervised treatment regimens for the most sophisticated, committed skincare clients.

Our comprehensive evaluation and Skincare Treatment Plan includes:

  • An in-depth skin analysis, including visual and data recording with the cutting-edge VISIA system
  • Recommendations for in-clinic professional skincare, and the timing of those treatments
  • A regimen and recommended products for at-home care
  • When appropriate, a VIP referral to a provider at L&P Aesthetics for a consultation regarding med spa services – injections, laser treatments, etc. – or even aesthetic surgery
  • Ongoing progress tracking, so your skincare plan can be adjusted and optimized over time
  • Help scheduling appointments and accessing at-home products, to make it easy to fit skincare into your lifestyle


Professional treatments can give your skin a major boost, but nothing can replace using an effective skincare regimen on a daily basis, including a highly protective sunscreen.

Visit our Skincare Shop to purchase products recommended by your IO Aesthetician during your Consultation or treatment appointments. Or, browse all the best products available, including our favorites for your specific skin concerns.

We offer the The IO Lift & Glow. Designed by facial plastic surgeons and The IO clinic founders, Drs. Lieberman & Parikh, this luxurious and effective facials allows clients to look and feel youthful, fresh, and camera-ready. 

Coveted by celebrity and discerning clients alike, this secret ritual facial uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy to penetrate the skin and deliver an immediate lifting and contouring effect. The skin is then infused and oxygenated to give that healthy dewdrop glow. And the best part – there’s zero downtime!  

Occasionally, The IO Clinic and L&P Aesthetics offer specials on treatments, services, and even skincare products. Visit L&P Aesthetics to see what we’re offering this month!

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3d render of fashion beauty shop


3d render of fashion beauty shop