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Skin Evaluations

An in-depth consultation with a licensed aesthetician that includes a VISIA imaging scan and analysis. Our expert will develop a targeted treatment plan and a personalized product regimen for your skin’s specific needs.


Everyone is different, and your age and skin type aren’t the only factors in determining the most effective skincare strategy for you. To get the best results from your treatments and products, your plan doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be customized! The IO Clinic by L&P Aesthetics offers complimentary VISIA® 3D Skin Analysis.

Skin Evaluation appointments at The IO Clinic provide the opportunity to get intensive, one-to-one attention from a licensed aesthetician. They can create a comprehensive plan just for you, based on your skin, goals, and lifestyle.

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The VISIA® analysis is able to show photo damage that is beyond what is visible with natural light. UV spots are formed when melanin accumulates underneath the skin in response to UV radiation. By detecting UV spots underneath the skin one can really understand the extent of the skin’s photo damage and aging.

The IO Clinic’s comprehensive evaluation and Skincare Treatment Plan includes:

  • An in-depth skin analysis, including visual and data recording with the cutting-edge VISIA® system.

  • Recommendations for in-clinic professional skincare, and the timing of those treatments.

  • A regimen and recommended products for at-home care.

  • When appropriate, a VIP referral to a provider at L&P Aesthetics for a consultation regarding med spa services – injections, laser treatments, etc. – or even aesthetic surgery.

  • Ongoing progress tracking, so your skincare plan can be adjusted and optimized over time.

  • Help scheduling appointments and accessing at-home products, to make it easy to fit skincare into your lifestyle.

Movie stars and celebrities who rely on their looks for their livelihoods get one-on-one, personalized care and support to make great skincare a habit. The IO Clinic is here to make it possible and practical for anyone!

Schedule a complimentary consultation and start on your own path to your best skin ever.


A VISIA® skin analysis is complimentary, painless and takes less than 45-minutes. You’ll simply schedule  your appointment and come into The IO Clinic with a make-up free face. Our licensed aesthetician will have you place your chin in front of the camera on the chin rest and ask you to close your eyes. Then the VISIA® photographs your face at different angles using various light spectra to reveal more than we can see with the naked eye.

Next, your skin expert at The IO Clinic will calibrate the program to your specific skin type and show. With this information, the VISIA® takes about a minute to deliver a skin analysis, which highlights features such as wrinkles, spots, pore size and more.


Spots : Spots are typically brown or red skin lesions including freckles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and vascular lesions. Spots are distinguishable by their distinct color and contrast from the background skin tone. Spots vary in size and generally have a circular shape.

Pores : Pores are the circular surface openings of sweat gland ducts. Due to shadowing, pores appear darker than the surrounding skin tone and are identified by their darker color and circular shape. The VISIA system distinguishes pores from spots based on size; by definition, the area of a pore is much smaller than a spot.

Wrinkles : Wrinkles are furrows, folds or creases in the skin, which increase in occurrence as a result of sun exposure, and are associated with decreasing skin elasticity. This skin feature has the greatest variability from image to image as it is highly dependent upon the facial expression of the client. Wrinkles are identified by their characteristic long, narrow shape.

Texture : Texture is primarily an analysis of skin smoothness. Texture measures skin color and smoothness by identifying gradations in color from the surrounding skin tone, as well as peaks (shown in yellow) and valleys (shown in blue) on the skin surface that indicate variations in the surface texture.

Porphyrins : Porphyrins are bacterial excretions that can become lodged in pores and lead to acne. Porphyrins fluoresce in UV light and exhibit circular white spot characteristics.

UV Spots : UV spots occur when melanin coagulates below the skin surface as a result of sun damage. UV spots are generally invisible under normal lighting conditions. The selective absorption of the UV light by the epidermal melanin enhances its display and detection by VISIA.

Red Areas : Red Areas represent a potential variety of conditions, such as acne, inflammation, Rosacea or spider veins. Blood vessels and hemoglobin contained in the papillary dermis, a sub-layer of skin, give these structures their red color, which is detected by the RBX Technology in VISIA. Acne spots and inflammation vary in size but are generally round in shape. Rosacea is usually larger and diffuse compared to acne, and spider veins usually are short, thin and can be interconnected in a dense network.

Brown spots : Brown Spots are lesions on the skin such as hyper-pigmentation, freckles, lentigines, and melasma. Brown Spots occur from an excess of Melanin. Melanin is produced by melanocytes in the bottom layer of the epidermis. Brown Spots produce an uneven appearance to the skin, and are detected in VISIA by RBX.


Professional treatments can give your skin a major boost, but nothing can replace using an effective skincare regimen on a daily basis, including a highly protective sunscreen.

After your VISIA® 3D skin analysis, you will receive a comprehensive at-home skincare regimen to help you care and protect your skin day in and day out. Visit The IO Clinic’s skincare lounge to purchase products recommended by your IO Aesthetician during your consultation.

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