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In The News: TikTokers Have Discovered Red Light Therapy

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USA TODAY published an article today – “TikTokers are zapping their skin with red light; dermatologists say they’re onto something” – and we had to share!

As fans and providers of LightStim LED Therapy for its skincare and healing powers, we’re very happy that light therapy is getting its “time in the sun.”

“Red light − a spectrum of visible light around 600 nanometers in wave length − shows promise as a safe way of healing the skin of many issues, says Dr. Danilo Del Campo, a Chicago-based dermatologist, adding that scientists began researching the effects of red light on the body in the 1960s and found it helpful in healing wounds.

This is because red light, he says, stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, an energy compound he describes as “the gasoline of our body.”

By boosting ATP, red light therapy can heal wounds and stimulate hair growth, he says. Though the largest and most robust studies have shown red light therapy’s effectiveness in these two areas, Dr. Del Campo adds smaller studies have shown potential for red light in regulating the skin’s oil production, and thereby reducing acne, as well as boosting the skin’s collagen production, and thereby reducing signs of aging.”

We love this…but it might not be the best idea to jump on the trend by Googling “red light devices for skin,” credit card in hand!

There’s a big difference between a clinically effective light therapy device and a flashlight that glows red.
And even among professional-grade equipment, not all light therapy devices are created equal.

Is It the Right Light?

At-home devices often don’t emit the precise wavelength of light that’s required; putting a red plastic lens over a grid of white LEDs doesn’t make the light 600 nanometers!

Beyond that, a device that works has to meet a long list of other specifications. As in the case of all skincare products, product design and quality are everything! Meeting the specs that have shown results in dermatological testing requires precision in the number and strength of LEDs, how they’re laid out, the amperage of the power supply, etc. etc….and few manufacturers are qualified to do it right.

It Might Not Work…But You Will!

Convenience is another issue. Most light devices on the consumer market are hand-held. A handheld light device requires you to hold it to your face for a long time, one small area at a time…which sounds like the opposite of relaxing.

Safety First

Even worse than not helping your skin, they can hurt you…or your budget. There are dangers to using a device with the wrong wavelength of light; some emit UV radiation, which we’ve spent our skin-conscious years trying to avoid! Also, some don’t provide sufficient eye protection.

One thing about a trend…it guarantees factories in China will crank out millions of units they can sell for $20 a pop. Light devices built to high standards of quality and efficacy – using the right LEDs, power supplies, and electrical components – are going to be expensive! Unfortunately, if an at-home light device and its price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

LightStim is Your Best Bet

Consider coming in for a consultation to learn about LightStim LED therapy in our Healing Center, which is clinically tested and proven to work. Besides…it’s always a good idea to treat yourself in the relaxing, luxe (reluxing??) environment of The IO Clinic!

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3d render of fashion beauty shop