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Skin Treatments

With our curated selection of medical-grade skincare products and with in-office treatments such as micro-penning, chemical peels, dermaplaning and our extensive menu of facials, our team of skin experts will help you transform your skin, leaving it the healthiest it can be.

At L&P Aesthetics, Palo Alto, L&P Aesthetics, Los Gatos and The IO Clinic, we offer a results-oriented approach to skin care that aims to leave patients glowing inside and out. No matter where you are in your aesthetic journey, our skin experts are available to guide you to your optimal skin health.

With our curated selection of medical-grade skincare products and with in-office treatments such as micro-penning, chemical peels, dermaplaning and our extensive menu of facials, our team of skin experts will help you transform your skin, leaving it the healthiest it can be.

The IO Clinic’s philosophy: cultivating beauty, inside & out

Over the last 10+ years as plastic surgeons, we’ve reversed the effects of facial aging for thousands of patients. But for many people, surgery isn’t the only – or the best – solution. To provide complete, personalized care for everyone, we expanded our med spa and skincare services, and added healing and wellness treatments as well.

Our aesthetic team helps patients delay or avoid the effects of aging – and the need for dramatic interventions – altogether. Our healing and wellness services support clients to feel and be as healthy and great as they look!

Our skin care treatments focus on the following concerns:

– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Discoloration
– Acne and acne-scarring
– Blemishes
– General scarring
– Redness and rosacea
– Sensitive skin
– Oiliness

Chemical Peels

To lightly smooth out texture, reduce inflammation in current blemishes/cysts, lighten acne discoloration, reduce pore size and kill bacteria that would otherwise cause future breakouts, The IO Clinic’s chemical peels will be customized to your particular type of skin and address your personal skin needs.

Commonly referred to as PIH, chemical peels target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which refers to the spots left over from old blemishes.


Dermaplaning is a non-invasive, no-downtime exfoliating treatment that is suitable for all skin types.Dermaplaning is a painless, superficial treatment that can be performed as often as every 2 weeks.

A dermaplaning treatment at The IO Clinic delivers the best Dermaplaning experience the Bay Area Has to offer. With each treatment you receive an in-depth skin assessment, cleanse, a deep cleanse and a warm compress to best prepare the skin for treatment. Next, a medical-grade stainless steel blade will be gently moved across your skin’s surface to remove dead skin, fine hairs (vellus hairs) and cellular debris. Your skin will be gently rinsed to remove any remaining debris, and hydrating and nourishing finishing product will be applied. Your skin will feel revitalized, and you’ll feel your most beautiful, inside and out.

Red Light Therapy Boosts

Red light therapy (RLT) boots are safe and effective treatment that can visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, redness, acne, scars and other signs of aging. Using our LightStim pro panels, patients can experience RLT without any side effects except leaving the treatment feeling very relaxed. Unlike the ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or tanning booths, red light is not cancer-causing and is not toxic or harmful in any way.

Some common skin conditions The IO Clinic’s skin experts will recommend RLT would be improvement in:

  • Wound healing
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles, fine lines
  • Age spots and sun-damage
  • Facial texture.
  • Psoriasis, rosacea and eczema
  • Scarring
  • Hair growth in people with Androgenic alopecia
  • Acne

An added benefit to all RLT treatments is that patients leave the session feeling very relaxed and calm.

Laser & Skin Resurfacing Treatments

In addition to the extensive skin care treatments offered at The IO Clinic, we also often refer patients to our medical spa, L&P Aesthetics, with locations in Palo Alto and Los Gatos. L&P Aesthetics offers the most advanced laser on the market, the Sciton JOULE™. Sciton which includes BBL Forever Young™, the MOXI laser and the Halo laser and provides the widest array of aesthetic procedures available from a single, scalable system. These modules are able to safely and effectively treat conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, acne, textural issues, and even unwanted hair.

Recovery and Beyond

We provide the curated products and personalized skincare services for a broad range of people, from young adults establishing their self-care habits to intensive, supervised treatment regimens for the most sophisticated, committed skincare clients.

Skin & Facials FAQs

Our comprehensive evaluation and Skincare Treatment Plan includes:

  • An in-depth skin analysis, including visual and data recording with the cutting-edge VISIA system
  • Recommendations for in-clinic professional skincare, and the timing of those treatments
  • A regimen and recommended products for at-home care
  • When appropriate, a VIP referral to a provider at L&P Aesthetics for a consultation regarding med spa services – injections, laser treatments, etc. – or even aesthetic surgery
  • Ongoing progress tracking, so your skincare plan can be adjusted and optimized over time
  • Help scheduling appointments and accessing at-home products, to make it easy to fit skincare into your lifestyle


Professional treatments can give your skin a major boost, but nothing can replace using an effective skincare regimen on a daily basis, including a highly protective sunscreen.

Visit our Skincare Shop to purchase products recommended by your IO Aesthetician during your Consultation or treatment appointments. Or, browse all the best products available, including our favorites for your specific skin concerns.

We offer the The IO Lift & Glow. Designed by facial plastic surgeons and The IO clinic founders, Drs. Lieberman & Parikh, this luxurious and effective facials allows clients to look and feel youthful, fresh, and camera-ready. 

Coveted by celebrity and discerning clients alike, this secret ritual facial uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy to penetrate the skin and deliver an immediate lifting and contouring effect. The skin is then infused and oxygenated to give that healthy dewdrop glow. And the best part – there’s zero downtime!  

Occasionally, The IO Clinic and L&P Aesthetics offer specials on treatments, services, and even skincare products. Visit L&P Aesthetics to see what we’re offering this month!

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3d render of fashion beauty shop